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How Much RAM Do I Need for Gaming?

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How Much RAM Do I Need for Gaming?


Introduction to RAM

You must have heard about Ram. It stands for Random Access Memory, and it provides the ability to store applications, games, and data. Unsurprisingly, the more memory your computer has, the more files and programs it can perform better.


This is why having a massive GB of RAM is important for things like intensive creative projects and of course gaming.


What Does RAM Do for Gaming?

The more GB of RAM, the more freedom the game can perform without pulling memory from the slower storage on the system.


A prime example of the different GB of RAM was when I played the same game on different consoles. In 2015, I downloaded Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain for PS3. I was surprised that the PS3 was able to handle the impressive graphics.


Let us have a look at some important parts of RAM and their meaning.



A computer's memory refers to the dedicated area of the processor where things like data and programs are stored when in use. There are a few different types of memory. RAM is one of them.



SSDs, or solid-state drives, are important parts of RAM and computer memory. SSD is a secondary storage device for a computer.



GB stands for Gigabytes. A gigabyte is basically your storage measurement for any console, computer, or device. The higher the given gigabyte number, the more memory capabilities your hardware has.


Keep in mind that system requirements can vary significantly between games, and newer, more demanding titles may require more RAM. It is always a good idea to check the recommended system requirements for the games you plan to play.


Having more RAM can provide benefits such as smoother gameplay, faster loading times, and better multitasking performance, especially if you run other applications in the background while gaming. If your budget allows, getting 16 GB of RAM is generally considered a good sweet spot for gaming. This amount of RAM should be sufficient for most games and offer some headroom for future releases.


Ultimately, it is essential to strike a balance between your gaming needs, budget, and other system components when deciding on the amount of RAM. Additionally, you may want to consider other factors like the type and speed of RAM, as they can also impact performance to some extent.

How Much RAM Do I Need for Gaming?