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CBSE Web Application and Security Question for Class 10

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CBSE Web Application and Security Question for Class 10


Q1. What is Security Testing?

Security testing can be said to be the most important of all types of software testing. Its main objective is to find vulnerabilities in any software (web or networking) based application and protect their data from possible attacks or intruders.

As many applications contain confidential data and need to be protected from leaking. Periodic software testing needs to be done on such applications to identify threats and take immediate action on them.


Q2. What do you understand by computer accessibility? What do you understand by assistive technology?

Computer accessibility refers to the user-friendliness of a computer system for everyone, regardless of their disability. Assistive technology enables a person with a disability or disability to use a computer. This is known as assistive technology.


Q3. What do you mean by ISP?

ISP stands for Internet Service Provider. It is an organization that provides us access to the Internet through a wired or wireless connection.


Q4. What is Intrusion Detection?

An intrusion detection system is a system that helps determine and deal with potential attacks. Intrusion detection involves gathering information from multiple systems and sources, analyzing the information, and finding possible methods of attack on the system.


Intrusion Detection checks the following:

Potential attack

Any unusual activity

Auditing system data

Analysis of various collected data etc.


Q5. What is Mobile App Security Assessment?

A mobile app security assessment is a comprehensive series of tests performed on an application to check for potential flaws (if any) of the app. The tests are performed by a team of security experts or can also be fully automated. A detailed assessment report includes business impact, severity level, code location, and regulatory and compliance checks.


Q6. What is XSS or Cross-Site Scripting?

XSS or Cross-Site Scripting is a type of vulnerability used by hackers to attack web applications.

This allows hackers to inject HTML or JAVASCRIPT code into a web page that can steal confidential information from cookies and return them to the hackers. This is one of the most important and common techniques that need to be stopped.


Q7. Write four advantages of networking.


1) Data Sharing: Networking allows sharing of data.


2) Files Transfer: A user can send text files, spreadsheets, etc. to other users.


3) Hardware Sharing: Hardware components such as printers, scanners etc. can also be shared.


4) Internet Access Sharing: You can purchase an Internet connection and share it among other computers on the network


Q8. Name two common techniques used to protect a password file?

There are two common techniques for protecting a password file—a hashed password and a salt value or password file access control.


Q9. What is ISO 17799?

ISO/IEC 17799 is originally published in the UK and defines best practices for information security management. It contains guidelines for all organizations, small or large, for information security.


Q10. What is file enumeration?

This type of attack uses brute force browsing combined with a URL manipulation attack. Hackers can manipulate the parameters in the URL string and obtain important data that is generally not open to the public such as retrieved data, old versions or data that is under development.


CBSE Web Application and Security Question for Class 10