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Laravel Interview Questions for Freshers

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Laravel Interview Questions for Freshers


What is Laravel?

Ans. Laravel is an open-source widely used PHP framework. The platform was intended for the development of web applications using the MVC architectural pattern. Laravel is released under the MIT license.

Therefore, its source code is hosted on GitHub. It is a reliable PHP framework because it follows expressive and precise language rules.


What are the main features of Laravel?

Ans. Some of the main features of Laravel are:

  1. Eloquent ORM
  2. Query builder
  3. Reverse Routing
  4. Restful Controllers
  5. Migrations
  6. Database Seeding
  7. Unit Testing
  8. Homestead


Which loops are provided by the Blade templating engine?

Ans. Blade templating loops include @endfor, @foreach, @for, @while,   @endforeach, and @endwhile directives.


What is the templating engine used in Laravel?

Ans. The templating engine used in Laravel is Blade. Blade gives the ability to use its mustache-like syntax with plain PHP and gets compiled into plain PHP and cached until any other changes are made to the Blade file. Blade file has .blade.php extension.


What are the available databases supported by Laravel?

Ans. The supported databases in Laravel are:

  • postgresql
  • SQL Server
  • Sqlite


Define Laravel migration.

Ans. This is a feature of Laravel which is used to create tables in your database. To modify a table, you can add or remove an existing column. You can use migrations to modify and share the database scheme of the application. It is possible to add a new column or delete a record from the database without deleting the existing record.


what do you mean by request in Laravel?

Ans. Requests is a way to interact with incoming HTTP requests, including cookies, sessions, and files submitted with requests. Whenever a request is submitted to the Laravel route, it goes through the controller method. Available via dependency injection within the Request object method.


What do you mean by bundles?

Ans. In Laravel, bundles are called packages. These packages are used to extend the functionality of Laravel. A package can contain views, configurations, migrations, routes, and functions.


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Laravel Interview Questions for Freshers